Divestment Option Through Revenue



Incentives to Accelerate Return

Cost reductions and tax benefits from government programs, grants rebates and accelerated depreciation provide avenues for accelerated returns. We provide management services to monitor and maintain finished projects to assist in this process as well.


Energy Security

The sun is your source for energy, no matter what happens to fossil fuel supplies and prices.  Once your system is paid off, your supply is free and reliable. Businesses can realize an accelerated return on investment through avoided costs as well.

Energy Independence

The utility must handle your solar energy flow by law without charge, this is known as Net Metering.  You get paid for the energy you sell/ any excess energy you don’t use up too 10%.  You become your own utility and once paid off your system pays you and as energy prices escalate so does your revenue.  Energy “Energy Independence as well as Energy Security”.



Your system will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, pollution and dependency on carbon based products, thereby helping preserve the environment for future generations.


Institutional Branding

Recognition and image enhancement through ground breaking Solar EV charging systems installed at your institution. Such cutting edge technologies support your identity as a trailblazer in the sphere of sustainable technology.


Transportation Management

Design, plan, and redirect transportation flow through Solar Charging Delivery Systems placed strategically along routes. We will ensure that your system is optimized as per your requirements.


Architectural Enhancement

Your system will have practical design with great lines and an architectural upgrade for parking lots that more than pays for themselves. Canopies, kiosks and charging stations are designed specifically to reduce parking lot heat sinks, protecting patrons from the weather, solar lighting for safety, solar charging for cars, and provide greater comfort and security for your employees and guests.


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