Navigating today's complex energy markets requires a deep understanding of a constantly changing and complex market landscape. Having a firm grasp on where you are currently and where you are trying to go is essential in managing cost, mitigating risk and achieving both supply and demand side energy goals.

A sustainable company is one which grows, employs more people, and profitably produces a quality product to the benefit of its customers while protecting our environment and conserving precious natural resources. Bridging this gap can be a complex task. ESCOAtlanticcā€™s proven track record in helping clients successfully navigate the complex landscape of energy markets, rebates, incentives, environmental regulations, emissions markets and demand side inefficiencies is the key to becoming a truly sustainable company.

Our expertise in both supply and demand side energy solutions allows our customers to achieve superior results. These solutions range from wholesale energy procurement with complicated purchasing structures and pipeline gas management to real-time telemetry, automation, cogeneration, and sustainability programs. ESCOAtlantic understands every client faces unique challenges, but with challenges come opportunities. Our team has a long history of helping clients create custom energy solutions, which balance the needs on both sides of the meter.

Services include:

  • Commercial and Industrial: custom designed energy, motion, and machine monitoring in real time.

  • Flattening all data for cross referencing and graphing to suit any question and Wi-Fi execution for integration into existing software

  • Energy procurement and wholesale energy pricing

  • Natural gas nomination and balancing

  • Data management and efficiency consulting

  • Telemetry and automation

  • Engineering services

  • Cogen and Trigen services