While other firms focus on isolated aspects of each solution, ESCOAtlantic works on the entire project, from the generation of a real-time proprietary harmonic EE technology  to the most efficient solutions.   We can also manage many of the aspects other firms do not, such as: energy auditing, regulatory compliance, procurement, cash flow management, legal issues, reporting and permitting.  We are energy and resource managers.  We take pride in executing the solution, not just selling it.





Profitability - Return on Investment

We provide our customers with options to ensure that each project is both profitable and sustainable.


ESCOAtlantic provides financing programs and help through strategic partners as well as consultation on grants, rebates, and funding from state, local, and federal programs for which your project may qualify.


ESCOAtlantic manages the marketplace to find you the best prices on equipment and installation.  We sift through upstream suppliers and downstream contractors to deliver savings and security of both product and services during the project.


ESCOAtlantic will assist owners with purchase agreements, infrastructure build out, energy efficient renovations and consultation on design, engineering, energy reduction, and money saving project build out.

Proprietary Monitoring systems for Energy Use and business system process: efficiency tools. :  

Imagine placing hundreds of monitors that measure all digital signals as well as process information that speaks to energy system management and business process as an integrated real time information system patched into : management, line, procurement, administration, operations, HR. Imagine software providing real time information and predictive anaylsis for management of all systems.


Solution Technology:

Escoatlantic provides the latest in EE technology. From Solar to permanent Epoxy Cool roofs, and DC Microgrids to the most efficient DC LED systems, proprietary system and energy monitoring and integration software, and more..



ESCOAtlantic helps you understand energy and resource management.  We make sure you reduce your consumption of energy and resources before investing in technology and train your employees in best energy saving practices.