Epoxy Cool Roof Systems


“Permanent Roofing Solutions without the tear off"

 Epoxy Cool Roof Systems: ECRS

“Why we chose ECRS as our signature product installation?”
ECRS is a full and permanent roof encapsulation without the tear off and costly risks. 
When the capital improvement budget is lean, it’s easy for facilities executives to find themselves with more potential projects than are financially feasible. A new roof, however necessary it may seem to be, is often passed over because it’s such an easy target for this familiar argument: “Let’s patch it up one more time and see if we can’t get another year out of it.”

However, if the roof really is leaking badly an/or in dire straits, facilities executives have learned that the energy saving benefits of a cool roof — one that is reflective, emissive, solvent based, and permanent — can provide the extra nudge to move a roof up the project priority list, save money now and down the line.

What may be the clincher, though, or even a way to help upper management “discover” extra capital to fund a project that had previously been deemed deferrable, is that there are several other money saving options; rebates, tax deductions, savings from an energy efficient building envelope, permanent roof encapsulation, longer air handler life and more.  So far, only solvent based epoxy cool roofing systems have been proven to permanently bond to your roofs surface. They save energy, eliminate tear off costs and disposal costs, eliminate future removal and replacement cost, and shave peak demand costs by cooling the building. ( Not to mention eliminating asbestos fears and disposal costs.)

So if water based coatings, elastomeric, and silicones eventually dry out, crack, pull up, and delaminate, what solutions are left, if any? (They only buy you time, and then the removal is much costlier).

I have spent most of my life working with coatings; paints, stains, polyurethanes, silicone, and epoxies etc. Industrial and residential painting, commercial coatings, and restoration gives me over 40 years of experience. 

And here is where we are so far....

The best solution that I can find for replacing commercial roofs permanently (so far), reducing costs dramatically, and reducing interior building temperatures, is the installation of an Epoxy Cool Roof Systems (ECRS). These highly reflective and emissive product (simply coat every 20/25 years and get a new warranty, the original bond will not let go) is permanent and Low VOC. The ECRS product fuses with the roof surface, encapsulates and preserve the roof cap permanently. This saves you money and keeps your roof and building cooler during the hot months of the year. 

An ECRS roof is a permanent (60 plus years in use so far successfully) roof over your existing roof, laminated (if you will) to the existing deteriorating cap. This creates a waterproof seamless solvent based epoxy cool roof that is permanently bonded to your old roof. It will preserve your existing roof cap from further deterioration. All you need to do is simply roll out 1 topcoat of epoxy every 20 years and wait another 20 years and recoat. You will never have to tear off or replace your commercial roof again, saving money now and more money in 20 to 25 years from now.

An ECRS encapsulates the existing roof and anything underneath. Asbestos, heavy metals, and insulation less than R-30 or R-22, need not be touched. This eliminates the need to remove and incur the extra cost of asbestos cleanup, replacing flashing, or replacing the insulation. They are all undisturbed and legally encapsulated. Flashing and step flashing also remain as they are and are sealed with epoxy made just for metal.

A low VOC Solvent based waterproof ECRS is a far better technology than rubber (EPDM), BUR, Tar, Asphalt or TPO and needs to only be re-coated every 20 years once the roof system is initially installed. Superior also on metal roofs, concrete surfaces and wood..

Roofs are seamless; ice and then water will not separate and penetrate.

No Tear-Off means: no risky exposure to the floors below or exposure to extra costs related to clean ups, asbestos clean ups, rain damage, delays, disposal costs, and insulation replacement costs.

ECRS provides the strongest bonding repairs in the business. Permanent bonding as well as cooling the areas that are tearing, less roof stretch on critical areas of existing roofs means less leaks.

Most Water based and silicone coatings only give you a 48/72 hour standing water guarantee…ECRS is 20 yr. standing water guarantee (originally developed for underwater steel girders).
Epoxy Cool Roof Surfaces also reduce interior building temperature. ECRS Prolongs HVAC systems by reducing work load and by reducing temperature on the roof. In one, two, and three story buildings HVAC savings can be significant. 

The cooling difference is the 2 lbs. of Titanium Dioxide (TD2) in every five gallons of epoxy. TD2 is a highly emissive(rejects heat) metal/solid which is used as a basis of the epoxy cooling formula adding greatly to the resistance to heat and longevity of the cap. TD2 is a metal which resists absorbing heat from sources such as the sun. It is also a superior solid because of its hardness and durability. In comparison to just a white coating without TD2 as the solid base, Polarhide epoxies are far more heat resistant due to the large amount of TD2 in every coat as well as Polarhide;’s superior reflectivity level (93%). Polarhide has the highest emissivity of any roof product made as well as the stellar 93% reflectivity.

Poly-mesh Scrim and Fiberglass strands: The Key to Strength and Flexibility.
As stated before, coatings eventually lift off of the roof and at that point the owner will have to pay for a new roof tear off, quite expensive. The ECRS system bonds permanently to the conditioned subsurface or existing cap, only a 2-part solvent based epoxy can do this. Only an epoxy can hold fiberglass strands and become a strengthened and more durable product for roofing purposes. Think of surfboard design with fiberglass or carbon matting and all the epoxy and fiberglass strands added in.. There is no silicone or polyurethane that comes even close or which can hold fiberglass or poly-mesh without cracking or nonadherence problems. 

“If there was a better product, or even one that was close, we would be using it”.

Rebates and Savings:

Because the ECRS saves energy, especially at the peak demand periods of the day, rebates as part of existing energy efficiency programs may be available in your state. The first thing to do is contact the local utility, find out if rebates exist, and, if so, talk to the program manager about how a cool roof may fit into the framework of their program. We are also happy to help.

“Rebates are mostly administered by utilities,” says Peter Turnbull, senior program manager at Pacific Gas and Electric and vice chair of the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). “Go to them and ask how to apply.”

ECRS roof systems can be applied directly to existing roofs, saving expensive removal and disposal costs. The Permanent overlay roof system is a fully tax deductible operating expense. 

The entire cost installation can be taken as a 1-year tax deduction in most states.  The systems also prolong the life of the roof indefinitely. Additionally, the reflective coating substantially cools the building, reducing the demand for electricity and lowers A/C costs.

ECRS Roofing systems care be applied directly to existing roofs and the installation does not require any special equipment. ECRS roofing systems can be installed without any disturbance to building occupants. Meets V.O.C emissions regulations to eliminate facility downtime during application and any unforeseen costs such as asbestos removal that can occur during a tear off.
This is actually a game changer and a sustainably designed product. It eliminates the expensive cycle of: remove, replace repair, remove again, replace, repair, etc.…

In summary

This is not a coating!  This two-part, marine grade Low/No VOC epoxy roof system permanently encapsulates deteriorating commercial roof surfaces; including: asphalt, metal, rubber (EDPM), tar, tar and gravel etc.…eliminating the need to remove the existing roof, even if two layers or more.  No disposal costs!  Flashing and step flashing are preserved and coated as well. No need to re-insulate!  
•    Save 30% to 40% or more and avoid costly tear offs and asbestos removal costs.
•    Epoxy Cool Roofs are seamless, permanent and will not allow water or ice to separate or penetrate.  
•    Significantly lower roof temperatures translates to lower interior temperature, resulting in reduced HVAC operating costs and a reduction in thermal shock. Energy and money savings.
•    Total ECRS system cost is FULLY ONE YEAR tax deductible in the year it is installed in most states.  
•    20 year factory warranty (renewable) and 10 year maintenance warranty included.
•    Re-coat roof after it is insatlled after 20/25 years at a significant savings and get a new 20 yr. warranty. Over and over again.

•     Fiberglass strands and poly-mesh fabric matting are added to each coat for strength and flexibility. The result is a seamless roof of 50 to 60 ml permanently laminated to the existing roof cap. Forever stopping roof cap deterioration.