Epoxy Cool Roof Systems: Breakdown

The Epoxy Cool Roof System is a base coat of carbon Kevlar reinforced marine grade epoxy and a thick nylon mesh embedded in the primer coat. This is followed by 1 or 2 white coats of epoxy, similar to pouring concrete. While reducing your heat gain and cooling bills, these products carry a 20 year factory warranty, effectively eliminating the necessity to replace or tear off your roof - and saving 20% to 30% of the cost of replacing a commercial roof. EscoAtlantic's service includes a matching “Annual Maintenance Contract”.
        Originally formulated as an industrial marine coating for submerged steel, there are many benefits and cost savings when you use Epoxy Cool Roof Systems. This is not a coating, but a complete roof encapsulation and permanent roof system. The first benefit is the protection of existing roof membranes, which provides you a long lasting roof and lessening worries about water problems or leaks. Black roofs can reach temperatures of 150 degrees or more during the summer. Epoxy Cool Roof System’s reflective solids coating can deflect the sun’s heat and maintain the roof temperature at 85 to 90°F, thus keeping the environment in a building cooler and preventing the roof from expanding and contracting, which could otherwise create tears in the roofing.

ECRS:  How to apply and maintain your new roof?

        The roller or spray method is how the new roof coating is applied. EscoAtlantic will apply 2 or 3 coats with nylon membrane imbedded between the 1st and 2nd coats (think concrete poured with rebar embedded). EscoAtlantic will maintain it for its lifetime - our products are Low or No-VOC products with a 20 year factory warranty and a 12 year maintenance contract included.          

        On top of long term savings, ECRS greatly reduces labor costs over tear-offs, does not lead to time delays for applying multiple roof coats or replacing the roof. Epoxy Cool Roof Systems are applied after a thorough cleaning and inspection of the roof. All damaged areas, seams, leaks, alligatored and/or roof intrusions are first attended with a special mix of epoxy and Carbon Kevlar fiber applied to trouble areas for durability before the first coat is even applied. The ECRS dries to a flexible, non shrinking, tough coat and can be worked over after 24 to 36 hours.

        Epoxy Cool Roof Systems and EscoAtlantic will reduce the cost of replacing your commercial roof by 25% to 30% or more on average; coupled with the saving to solar production it becomes more than free for those with a solar roof.

  • 20 Year Factory Warranty
  • EscoAtlantic Annual 12 Yr Maintenance Program
  • EscoAtlantic has 20+ years experience in coatings and application.
  • Reduced cooling costs for buildings, and the cost is fully deductible that year.
  • Enhanced Solar Panel production during hot days above 80 degrees

For further information, as well as an on-site inspection and quote, please contact us!