“... We have spent over 25 years working with and delivering Commercial Solar projects, Epoxy Cool Roofs, and Energy Optimization projects. We are academic as well as field tested. ESCOAtlantic, along with providing these EE and RE solutions, has now gathered under one roof, after many years of collaboration on energy saving projects, a one stop EE and RE Construction shop for commercial/industrial clients. ESCOAtlantic provides; design, engineer and build for: Solar, Small to Midsize Wind and Water turbines, The Most Advanced Energy Monitoring System for EE: Optimization, Procurement, and Management, DC and AC Microgrid, DC and AC LED, EE HVAC and Chiller, Charging Stations, Battery Storage and Integration Technology, Waste to Energy/Fuel, and Finance/Tax/Rebate Information and Assistance. We work with and represent the most advanced technologies in the EE and RE field, and we keep up with advances and new beta tested products. One shop and one management team for all your EE and RE upgrades, retrofits, and process management.
— Mission

Update: August 2018
We are growing quickly, though our experience in the Energy and Efficiency Sector goes back to the early 1990's. From academics and early course design to the creation of and teaching of college level Green Sector Curriculum, to the ESCOAtlantic company and installation of Solar Fields on Brownfields, we have stayed on top of the latest technologies.
Presently, we are expanding our Energy Saving Technologies for business and industry infrastructure. We now cover electronic (harmonic) monitoring and analysis of: energy, water, and all resources with a ground breaking non-linear software package that let's you gather and cross reference any monitored information station (harmonic sensors) with any already existing software you have running from any department.
We supply and install DC Microgrids and DC LED light systems that save 25% or more from even you existing LED light systems. Our Epoxy Cool Roof Systems ( permanent roof encapsulation) integrates well with Solar Roof Systems and gives back 7% to 14% of lost solar energy on hot days. We have collated a complete energy efficient and cutting edge technology package with the leaders in the field.
We are pleased to announce our newest alliance with our EE Partners in providing the most energy efficient Micro Grid systems on the market for the best ROI.
We have project financing now and cost saving payment plans. ( No up front costs)
We also have vast experience in: RE Risk Assessment, Renewable Energy, Solar and our list of cutting edge Energy Efficiency Technology Partners is always growing.


Since 1993 ESCOAtlantic/Performance Solutions Inc. has been designing, engineering, permitting, and installing: solar, wind, energy efficiency technology and other green technologies like Epoxy Cool Roof Systems and Solar Fields constructed on Brownfields. We started small and worked our way up to the design, engineering, and build. We were also able to prepare and present countless consulting and education opportunities for clients who need to understand the landscape of sustainable technology in order to make good and economical decisions for the future of their companies. 

Along with completing hundreds of thousands of feet of commercial roofing with the Epoxy Cool Roof System. WE have become a part of a much bigger industrial solution to provide energy at a much lower cost. DC Micro grid technology along with DC LED, DC Appliances, DC HVAC,  and DC Data Systems allows for energy autonomy and security for business, industry and campuses. This works so well that we have a cadre of up front finance programs that can be paid out of the energy savings.

Escoatlantic was invited to Europe to talk about “Finance, Ethics and Green Entrepreneurship”. The symposium was for the Business and Law schools of the University of Amsterdam and the Free College of the Netherlands.  As well, local professors, businessmen and bankers were in attendance. We were brought in with experts from the Royal Bank of Scotland to talk about, finance, banking ethics, and renewable energy investment. It was a great opportunity to showcase some of our research talent as well as our experience on the ground with our technology companies..

In addition,  we have designed and run educational programs for; Realtors and Mortgage companies in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, construction companies and construction management companies in Delaware Pennsylvania and Maryland. As well, we have written and taught University credit courses, as well as programs for politicians, home inspectors, and auditors.

Ultimately we are well seasoned advocates for the latest and most advanced of renewable energy technologies and services. As more and more money flows into this sector through private equity, grants, and Green bonds, there will be a great need to direct and oversee project; design, construction and costs.     We are uniquely qualified with years of experience in the field as well as a wealth of  Technology Partners who are experts in their field.



Personal Care

Simply stated, we are committed to providing our clients with the best solutions through cutting edge technologies. We have the latest and up to date; network, technology bank, and product partners.


Products and Services

Services range from monitoring energy and process  to system design, engineering, building, installing and maintaining. For: Solar, DC Micro grid conversion, DC LED and Digital Equipment, Solar Rooftop, Solar Canopies, Epoxy Cool Roof Systems, and the latest in Total System Monitoring technologies. We design, engineer (Solar = 6+ MW  TD) and install solar systems.  We consult for government projects as well as develop financing, cost-saving financing, and cost reduction for all projects.



We offer unique programs and cost avoidance model finance using savings from lower operating costs as investment for replacing the old technology payments with new sustainable technology providing better service than existing technology with financial benefits.